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  • By the pool in Tenerife


    After getting back from NZ, London was rather a bit chilly, nice crisp zero degrees on some days infact. Hearing that spring has been delayed made me think of sunny Splore. Fortunately we were off to Tenerife for a Norwegian wedding the following week! The urge to compare everything to NZ was overwhelming. However after being in the freezing […]

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  • Splore Wedding


    This year’s Splore was indeed special, even more so than the last many I’ve attended. Ang & Ben were getting married and it was happening at our favourite festival. What makes this festival so special is what really makes New Zealand special. Splore is quintessential New Zealand rolled into a three day festival. With all our friends gathered […]

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  • A tourist in New Zealand

    Amazing Central American food from Miss Clawdy's

    Going back to NZ this time was special, not only was I attending the wedding of some of the best people I know but it was also Ingrid’s first visit. Having explored her homeland Norway a few times, the similarities between the two countries a were many and her initial impressions of kiwi’s she’d met in the […]

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  • Illuminate London

    It was a sight to see London all lit up. There were light-emitting art installations littered throughout the City of London. The scale at which this was executed was pretty impressive. Top favourites were the giant flying fishes in the middle of Piccadilly and the 3D elephant. Will definitely be keeping an eye out next year.